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The Poseidon UnderSea Resort Fiji Oct 11

 The Poseidon Undersea Resort Fiji



Is due to open

Sometime in 2010, The Poseidon Undersea Resort, Mystery Island, will  become the first hotel in the world set 40 feet underwater.  Accessible by elevator and nestled in the crystal clear waters of a Fijian lagoon, Poseidon will provide you with an unimaginable view as well as incomparable luxury.  This coming year, a select group of the world’s adventure travelers will have the chance to stay at the Poseidon Undersea Resort for week long visits.  They will enjoy two nights underwater and four nights in the remarkable beachfront and over-water bungalows.
Your journey to Poseidon will begin with a flight to Nadi International Airport in Fiji.  Once there a uniformed pilot aboard their twin-engine turbine aircraft will whisk you and your party to Mystery Island, where you will receive a tour of the fantastic resort that will be your escape for a week you will always remember.  If you choose to arrive by private yacht, the lagoon surrounding the island accommodates large vessels.  The entrance to the lagoon is 300 feet deep and 200 feet wide.  A marina and moorings will be available for guests with reservations to stay at the resort.


This photo is an artist’s impression of Fiji’s underwater Poseidon resort, due to open next year. It will have 24 suites, billed as the world’s first sea floor resort.

Each of the 24 suites will offer views of surrounding coral, a jacuzzi tub, bathrooms with double sinks, exterior underwater lights and fish feeders to enhance sea life viewing. Suites are expected to start at $1,500/night.

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